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Nvidia Put Pressure on Oxide to Remove Some Benchmark Settings

Ashes of the Singularity benchmark tool of Oxide was regarded by Nvidia as an unfair representation of DirectX 12 when it was released. One might simply listen to what they are saying because they are the big guys here, but it appears a lot has been happening behind the curtains.

Or should I say, a lot has been happening according to one of the developers at Oxide who took to forums with a detailed response to the heated debates over their benchmark tool and the apparent animosity on part of the graphics card manufacturer.

The developer says that they were unduly pressured by the company because they wanted Oxide to remove some of the settings from their benchmark. When they refused to comply, they were not happy about it:

There is no war of words between us and Nvidia. Nvidia made some incorrect statements, and at this point they will not dispute our position if you ask their PR. That is, they are not disputing anything in our blog.

I believe the initial confusion was because Nvidia PR was putting pressure on us to disable certain settings in the benchmark, when we refused, I think they took it a little too personally.

Now we don’t know what exactly those settings were about, if the pressure was undue and the removal of those settings was undue as well, then honestly none of us like being bullied.