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Nintendo not Producing Shovel Knight Amiibo, Yacht Club Games Will Instead

Now that Shovel Knight has been revealed as a new Amiibo Yacht Club have revealed a little insight into the making of the figure. Nintendo won’t be making it, but licensing out the technology to do so.

What this means is that Yacht Club will be making the Amiibo themselves but Nintendo pretty much have the final say on the design and the functions that it will bring to the game. In fact, Yacht Club Games will be the first third party company to have the chance to do this.

Giving an insight into just how this will work, Yacht Club Game’s Sean Velasco said to Destructoid:

“We’re basically licensing the amiibo technology from Nintendo, and they’ve been overseeing it every step of the way,” Velasco said. “From the design, to how the amiibo functions in the game, to making sure that it was all just perfect in every way.”

“But we’re the ones that are dealing with the manufacturing and distribution, we’re the ones that are talking with the toy and sculpture people. Even things like the packaging.”

What makes this even more interesting than just the fact that Shovel Knight is the way that Nintendo are allowing third-party companies to create the Amiibo characters. They obviously have stringent checks and oversee the whole process but they are releasing the hold on just what games can now have them.

This means in theory that any games that come out on the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS could have their own Amiibos, including some Telltale Games characters like the ones from Minecraft: Story Mode. This would be Telltale’s choice of course, but I’m sure there would also be some licensing issues with Microsoft on that one. Still, it would be interesting to see if a company like that were looking into the Amiibo technology too.

What are your thoughts on Amiibos? Are there any third party Amiibos you would like to see created? Let us know your thoughts below.