Homefront The Revolution – Watch 13 Minutes of Intense FPS Action

Homefront The Revolution isn’t coming out till next year, but developer and publisher Deep Silver still want you to have a look at what the game has to offer in its story-driven intense first-person shooter title.

GameSpot managed to play the game for nearly 13 minutes, and released the footage on their YouTube page. We see plenty of action, some rather uncomfortable bike driving, and a weapon modification system that reminds us somewhat of Crysis.

The footage shown was a part of the Homefront playable demo at PAX 2015. Although it’s filled with some interesting elements, it does seem to lack that ‘oomph’ to make it truly stand out in what is becoming an admittedly saturated genre.

Homefront The Revolution is a direct sequel to the 2011 Homefront videogame. It will continue the story of protagonist Ethan Brady as he and a band of rebels stage a resistance movement against the invading North Korean forces and counter their invasion of the city of Philadelphia.

Homefront The Revolution will be released for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One next year.