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Final Fantasy XV: Tabata Addresses Luna’s Artwork, Regis’ Car Issues

Hajime Tabata, the game director for Final Fantasy XV was overwhelmed by the support from the fans at PAX Prime and the ATR Live so he took to the official Twitter profile of the game to thank the fans.

Later on he also addressed some fan concerns regarding Luna and the car of Regis because a number of series fans were worried that the car was an import and that the artwork for Luna was not as good as expected. He started off by thanking the fans for their support:

This is Tabata. To everyone that watched the ATR Live from PAX Prime both at the show and online, thank you! It’s been great to receive and read so many positive comments about this ATR and we’re truly thankful for everyone’s messages of support…

Thereon, he discussed two things that he found important i.e. Luna’s artwork and Regis’ car:

Among all your comments, there’s two points that immediately stood out that I’d like to respond to at once. First. The technology and culture of cars were imported from Niflheim, but this pertains to the past. It does not mean that King Regis’ car is an import. Second. The Luna image I posted is a provisional, rough version of the artwork, reduced in size. The actual key art is scheduled to be revealed at TGS and differs from the early-look version, I just wanted you to know that.

So tell us, if Final Fantasy XV is still to reveal the actual artwork for Luna and if Regis’ car is not an import, is there is something else that concerned you?