Dragon Age Inquisition Trespasser DLC Detailed by Bioware

Dragon Age Inquisition was, assuredly, one of the biggest role playing game releases of the past 12 months. However, Bioware is not done with it yet and we are going to get the new Trespasser DLC very soon!

This was confirmed by the developers themselves in a post on the game’s official website where they devoted sometime to talk about it.

Mike Laidlaw, the creative director for Dragon Age Inquisition recently detailed what you are going to get in the Trespasser DLC and how it is going to add value to the already impressive content that Inquisition offers:

Trespasser tells an entirely new story, set two years after the main game. The story explores what it’s like to be a world-saving organisation when the world no longer needs saving. It’s a chance to meet and talk with old friends, to uncover a new threat, and ultimately decide the fate of the Inquisition you worked so hard to build. It might just contain hints about the future of Thedas, too.

So you are hopefully looking at travelling between locations and probably worlds. While it has not been confirmed, it appears that Qunari could be the main villains in Trespasser DLC.

However, what could make it the expansion you have been waiting for is the fact that it could answer many intriguing questions that the ending of Dragon Age Inquisition have raised.