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Destiny The Taken King Raid King’s Fall Delayed Past Day One

It is known that Destiny The Taken King will go out for sale on September 15, 2015 and bring with itself a number of opportunities for you to keep the Guardians busy. However, it appears not all the promised content will come to you on day one.

In fact, something as important as the King’s Fall raid is going to get delayed. The game developers Bungie has confirmed that instead of being a part of the expansion on day one, the raid will go live on a later date.

Moreover, the developers have not yet announced the exact date at which it will be released to The Taken King which otherwise means that the raid has been delayed for an indefinite time.

Bungie does say, however, that fans will get a heads up for it when the time is right – suggesting that the time is not right for the launch yet. Does that mean King’s Fall raid is not even completely developed yet?

On the flipside, Bungie is claiming that this is the biggest raid that Destiny has seen so far. It has much more challenge than the previous ones and I am surely pumped for it.

The only downside is that Destiny The Taken King expansion should have come with the King’s Fall raid on day one. Are you unhappy about this?