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Capcom Reveal Street Fighter 5 Pre-Order Incentives and Collector’s Edition

Although the Beta access for Street Fighter 5 hasn’t been the best, it was the only pre-order incentive revealed so far. Today Capcom revealed some other incentives that will be available, and these will be dependant on where you pre-ordered it.

Dependant on the retailer you’ll also be receiving an exclusive alternative costume at launch for one of four characters, these are:

Gamestop – Battle Costume Ryu


This version of Ryu is the re-emergence of the character after a long period of training, as you can see his clothes have seen better days.

Best Buy – Battle Costume Cammy


Cammy’s battle gear is full mission gear, making her ready for action in her latest objective.

Amazon – Battle Costume M. Bison


In his new black outfit, M. Bison looks even more sinister and ominous

Playstation Store/PC Digital: Battle Costume Chun-Li


In her signature black dress, Chun-Li is ready for battle

Along with the pre-order bonuses there will also be a Colletor’s Edition, at $99.99 the Street Fighter 5 Collector’s Edition will include:

  • Game Disc
  • 10 inch, fully painted Ryu statue
  • 48 page hardcover artbook
  • Code Cards for additional downloadable content –
    • A collection of some of Udon’s artwork from Street Fighter the comic series
    • Street Fighter 5 soundtrack sampler
    • Twitch One-Month Subscription to the Capcom Fighters channel. (included with all versions of the game)

The Street Fighter 5 Collector’s Edition will be available for pre-order soon.

It will be interesting to see if battle costumes will be much of an incentive to make players buy from a certain store. My guess is that cosmetic changes such as this will make little difference to the version they buy, though I’m sure there will be much more interest in the Collector’s Edition.

Are you bothered by the battle costumes? Or are you much more interested in the Collector’s Edition? Let us know below.