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Anita Sarkeesian Releases her Latest Tropes vs. Women in Video Games

It’s been a while since Anita Sarkeesian released the last Tropes vs Women in Video Games video, but with the current climate on the internet this is understandable. Today though she released the latest of the videos, looking at Women as Rewards.

While I don’t always agree with Sarkeesian’s point of view the videos are well made and do create a valid argument, though at times somewhat biased. When the title is Tropes vs. Women in Video Games I guess the bias is obviously going to be there. The key is, we don’t have to agree with what is said.

In this latest video Sarkeesian looks at how women are often used in some games as a reward for some action. They even get cheapened to the point that the characters have to fight to claim them, an example of this being Double Dragon. At least a game like that is fully accepted to be slightly behind in the times so that can be used as a good example to back up the argument made in the video.

I have watched the video and as usual it is slightly too long, and does feel that it attacks the games it debates. What I don’t do though is get angry over the content she has produced. I do feel that if you know you will disagree with Sarkeesian to the point of anger, then don’t bother to watch the video.

Based on the content of the video and the “Women as Reward” though I would argue that things are changing. Sarkeesian’s point of view is to highlight where video games fail, and from a lot of what she has shown her argument is based on older games. It’ll be interesting to see if videos such as these and critiques on video games as a whole change the industry for the better.

What is your opinion on the video? Let us know your thoughts below.