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Mighty No. 9 Backers Get Exclusive Demo as Consolation for Delay

The delay of Might No. 9 even after being crowdfunded for as much as $3,845,170 was certainly a big let down on the part of Comcept and the backers were rightfully pissed at the developers for this.

However, the guys making the game are trying hard to make up for the delay and the disappointment in whatever way that is feasible to them. Right now, they have announced that the tens of thousands of fans who have pledged funds for the game are going to be provided an exclusive demo of the game.

Now that is not a small number of playable demos being allowed. A total of 67,226 backers have pledged the millions of dollars that are being used to make the game. All of them will be able to play the game starting September 15, 2015.

One would certainly think that if Mighty No. 9 is being delayed doesn’t it mean the backers would get incomplete builds? But that is not the case, if you are a backer you get the first four stages of the game in their final version and including everything like cutscenes and so on.

There will also be six challenge stages, a complete 8-bit soundtrack, both the language options (Japanese and English) as well as subtitles for English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese and Italian.

That is not all, the backers also get free download codes for platformer Mighty Gunvolt which has characters from Mighty No. 9, Gal Gun and Azure Striker Gunvolt.

All this is good as long as the Mighty No. 9 backers are content with what they are being given while they wait for the full release in 2016.