Black Ops 3 Beta Reveals Thirteen Multiplayer Maps Names

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 beta has not only been in full swing lately it has done more. For instance, a number of leaks regarding the game’s content has come out through the data files that came with it.

So far we had only known of four multiplayer maps that Treyarch confirmed, but someone with the right insight has looked into the game and found out names of 13 maps in total.

Out of these 13 maps revealed by the Call of Duty Black Ops 3 beta, the ones we knew about were Hunted, Evac, Combine, and Stronghold, so there are nine others you should know about now. Here’s the full list of names:

  • mp_apartments
  • mp_spire
  • mp_chinatown
  • mp_sector
  • mp_rise
  • mp_ethiopia
  • mp_havoc
  • mp_stronghold
  • mp_veiled
  • mp_biodome
  • mp_nuketown_x
  • mp_redwood
  • mp_airship

Another map listed up there was outed separately through a PlayStation Network Brazil listing and it was none other than the famed (and recurring) Nuketown multiplayer map which seems to have been renamed NUK3TOWN. You can read up all about it here.

There is one more thing about the aforementioned maps that you should keep in mind; since these have not been officially confirmed, the actual names could vary when the game comes out.

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 beta has been live on PS4 for a while now and it went live on PC and Xbox One couple of hours ago.