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Xbox One Mini Rumors Shot Down By Phil Spencer

Xbox One Mini has been rumored for a while and plenty of people are speculating about it over the internet. While we would definitely love to see a new slimmer version of the Xbox One, we are not getting one..Not now at least.

Phil Spencer has shot down our hopes and dreams for an Xbox One Mini by saying that Xbox One Mini rumors are “not real.”

Xbox One came out back in 2013 and it is fairly large in size compared to Sony’s PlayStation 4. Microsoft has been asked by fans to reduce the size of this system, but it seems the company has no plans for the time being.

The idea of an Xbox One Mini has potential and I for one, am totally for it. For now, all we can have hope is Microsoft taking the stage at next year’s E3 and give us an Xbox One Mini.

On the other hand, Sony’s system is already as slim as a console should be, so no need to cut down on its size.

Do you want to see a slimmer Xbox One? Or are you happy with its size? Share your thoughts and views in the comments below.