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The Makers of Knock Knock Reveal the Unusual Origin of the Game Coming to PS4

Knock Knock, a strange little Indie horror game is coming to Playstation 4, and to introduce the strange world it takes place in a blog has been written by its developers Ice-Pick Lodge Studios. It appears the game has a slightly strange backstory.

I remember trying the game out for the PC when it was first released, and it takes you into a world where the fear of the unknown gains hold of the characters mind making his own home a dangerous place. Even more dangerous are the time he must step outside his door.

Ice-Pick Lodge Studios have introduced a strange little origin story that wouldn’t seem out of place in a “Found Footage” horror movie.

“What do you, a small-to-mid-sized indie studio, do when an e-mail pops up full of mysterious scribbles, notes, and audio files — coupled with a vague description of a possible game? In all honesty, more often than not you probably try to conjure up a polite and friendly response; perhaps discuss the sender’s ideas with them. But that’s not what happened at Ice-Pick Lodge studios in November 2011.”

They say what they did instead was to use the sound files sent, as well as the ideas, and formed themselves into the game. It was important though to not fall into the trap of falling into the usual horror clichés of jump scares, gore, and haunted asylums. They definitely manage that.

In the game the “Lodger” finds his sanity tested throughout each night he endures. It seems all the shadows in the house and even objects are a manifestation of problems within his head (which the house represents). Your job as the person controlling him is to fight off the insanity that is taking hold and help him to survive each night.

Does Knock Knock interest you? Have you played it on the PC before? Let us know your thoughts below.