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Nintendo Files Patents For In-Game Chat, Mode For Power Consumption

Japanese gaming giant Nintendo and its recent patents have been the topic of debate over the internet lately. We first came across a patent from Nintendo, which lead the internet to speculate that NX will be without an optical drive.

Now, more patents from Nintendo have come to light, they are related to in-game chat, low-power operating modes, among other things. These patents have left us asking more questions, rather than getting any answers.

An exemplary game system includes a monitor for displaying a game image or a television program, and a terminal device having a camera, a microphone, and a loudspeaker. When a user is playing a game or viewing a television program by using the monitor, another user can have chat by using the terminal device.

Another feature suggest a mode that will support various degrees of power consumption. Nintendo won’t be sharing anything regarding its plans for a new console anytime soon, which means we can only guess what’s going behind the scenes.

An information processing system is capable of communicating with an external apparatus via a network. The information processing system is capable of operating in at least three operation modes including: a first mode; a second mode, which consumes less power than the first mode; and a third mode, which consumes less power than the second mode and where the communication via the network is not performed.

That’s not all, some other patents mention real-time changes in the environment based on player skill and in-game issues. This is all highly interesting and something tells me Nintendo is planning something big for 2016.