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MGS5: The Phantom Pain DLC Codes Missing in PS4 Version

We have some good news, the missing DLC issue was caused by an “error in the process” according to what some of the buyers were told by Konami:

Because of an error on the process, PS4 editions don’t have DLC codes on the box. Xbox One editions have them. Next week, Konami will send us the DLC codes for giving them to our clients. I suppose this will happen on every retailer.

So yeah, all is except that fans are getting the content one week later than the promised time.

Being the most anticipated game of the year is not easy and when there are millions upon millions of fans jumping to buy a copy, there are bound to be shortages as it was reported in the case of Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain. However, reports of missing DLC codes in copies being sold is rather unexpected.

We have picked up word over the internet that the PlayStation 4 version of the game might be missing the DLC codes that were to accompany the game’s Collector’s Edition.

There have been reports over at Reddit as well as NeoGAF that no matter where they look for it, the Collector’s Edition seems to have no codes on it.

Interestingly, this is being reported about PlayStation 4 copies of The Phantom Pain being bought from a variety of retailers and apparently, none of them have sold the codes with the copies. We have heard the name of Amazon, Best Buy as well as GameStop.

The missing codes are supposed to bring you, Adam-ska special revolver, Silver personal ballistic shield, Wetland cardboard box, Blue urban fatigues outfit and Metal Gear Online XP Boost for the Day One purchase.

also, Snake Costume Pack (4 camouflage outfits for Snake), Cardboard Box Pack (3 cardboard boxes), Weapons Pack (4 guns, 4 ballistic shields), Venom Snake Emblem, Metal Gear Online items (Metal Gear Rex Helmet, AM MRS-4 Gold, WU S. Pistol Gold) and Metal Gear Online XP Boost would be missing for the Collector’s Edition of Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain.