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Madden NFL 16 – How to Adjust Your Defense

Some defense coverage adjustments to help you vastly better your team’s defense and win the games in Madden NFL 16.

Madden NFL 16 Defense Tips

A good defense can easily win you games in Madden NFL 16. However, you cannot expect to win multiple games while sticking to a single defense.

With each team being different in the game – each with their own strengths and weaknesses – sometimes you need to make some adjustments in your defense coverage to emerge victorious.

This guide outlines some various defensive coverage adjustments which can vastly improve your defense against multiple playstyles:

Base Align
This basically allows defense to align the defenders in general settings of the formation; allowing to alter how a formation plays out as offense formations undergo changes.

This allows the defenders to travel away from the scrimmage line and places them in a ‘prevent’ defense position. This is basically ideal for those who wish to blend, but do not want to mess up the defense.

With this, the defenders will try and get inside position against the receivers and jump routes such as ins.

Man Align
This is particularly useful on Cover 0 blitzes as it allows the defenders – LBs and Safeties – to line up closer to their assignments.

With this, the defenders try and play the receiver outside and jump routes such as outs and corners.

Over Top
With this coverage, the defenders will not be able to break down on routes and the defensive zones will stay back against the receivers.

This allows players to bar receivers at the scrimmage line and slows down offenses. However, do note that it can leave your defense in open if the WR beats the press.

Quick Adjust
With this, you will be able to adjust defenders before the snap without even clicking on them.

With this defense coverage, your defense zones will stay under their targets; allowing you to clamp down the horizontal passing game.

This basically allows you to fill in the box with defenders in order to use show blitz. Most of the formation will go with Bear Front which is amazing when it comes to stop the runs and blitz your opponents.

This is one of the best adjustments for third and long and allows the defenders to judge down and distance before dropping their zones.