It Will be Hard to Play Destiny The Taken King on Some PS3, Xbox 360 Consoles

Destiny The Taken King expansion hits on September 15, 2015 but some of the fans who use Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles with a smaller storage space are going to have a lot of trouble getting to play it.

So here’s the problem, Bungie has announced that they “will be releasing a major required update that enables The Taken King and enhances Destiny for all players” on September 8, 2015. Without this you won’t be able to play The Taken King or the base game.

Now, the update requires 10GB on Xbox 360 and PS3; and the PS3 version requires 20GB free space for installation purposes. Now there are some of us who are still using 20GB consoles and these guys are not going to be able to get the expansion on their consoles even if they have the base game somehow.

If you’re one of the limited number of players playing Destiny on a 20GB PS3 or Xbox 360 and have not already upgraded your storage space, you will run into storage limitations on your console when you attempt to install the update.

Bungie has also listed some steps you can take to sort the problem out but really they are asking you to upgrade. Apart from asking users to contact Activision Customer Support for assistance with the issue, the only solutions they have suggested are to either upgrade your storage space or to upgrade your console to either Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

Do you know anyone who would want to play Destiny The Taken King but won’t be able to because of this?