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Iron Maiden Create 8-Bit Speed of Light Game Alongside New Video

With the release of Iron Maiden’s Book of Souls coming September 4th they have released a new video, Speed of Light. As a homage to four decades of video gaming, it comes as no surprise that the video is a must see for not only fans of the band, but also gaming.

Where this video release gets even better is what comes along side it, one of the games featured in the video has been replicated and can be played here. A retro NES like platform game based on the Donkey Kong game, it features you as the Iron Maiden mascot Eddie having to do battle to save the woman in the red dress from the enemy, obviously based on Kong, blocking your path.

Fun, but deceptively hard especially based on the fact that it only give you one life I managed to make it through the first few levels before I lost. There is enough variety in the gameplay though to keep you going and a high score table waiting for you to top, if you have the patience.

This is all impressive marketing for Iron Maiden’s Book of Souls album, and while I’m not much of a fan of the band I enjoyed the video because of the focus on gaming history, and the fact it actually gets it right. All too often a tactic like this is used, and there is no obvious knowledge of games at all.

The video was produced and directed by Llexi Leon, with animation and visual effects created by The Brewery Production Company. The video is described as a homage to four decades of gaming, juxta-posed alongside Iron Maiden’s 40 years of “visual canon.” I think my favourite part is the Mortal Kombat style battle, which even ends with Eddie performing a fatality.

Did you try the game? What did you think of Speed of Light’s take on 40 years of gaming history? Let us know your thoughts below.