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Xbox One Will Not Get a Special Edition Star Wars Battlefront Bundle

If you were wondering if Xbox One would get a Star Wars Battlefront Limited Edition bundle, then the answer has been given. In short, the special bundle release is an exclusive for Sony and Playstation 4. So no Darth Vader Xbox One this time.

In a community Q & A session on the latest community update, the question was raised about the possibility of a bundle:

Q.) Will there be a special edition Xbox One bundle?

A.) The exclusive console for Star Wars Battlefront is limited to PlayStation 4.

On if the Star Wars controller would be sold separately:

Q.) Will you offer the custom PS4 bundle controller separately?

A.) We have nothing to announce at this time. Stay tuned to the Sony channels for news and updates.

This answer is obviously a good sign for people who are interested in getting a hold of the stylish controller without having to purchase the console bundle.

On if there will be a Collector’s Edition for the game:

Q.) Will Star Wars Battlefront offer a Collector’s Edition?

A.) Star Wars Battlefront will offer a Deluxe and Standard Edition only.

On unlocking weapons/gadgets and ranking up your player:

Q.) How will the persistence work, e.g. do players unlock weapons/gadgets by ranking up etc.?

A.) Star Wars Battlefront will offer a progression system that will unlock items as you rank up. We will go into specific details in the near future.

On the availability of split-screen in the game:

Q.) Will there be split-screen for certain MP Missions?

A.) No, however split-screen will be available for Missions in offline co-op for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

On if the game can be played offline:

Q.) Will there be offline functionality?

A.) All Missions can be played in solo or co-op split-screen in a offline environment.

Are you bothered that no Xbox One bundle will be released? Will you be ordering the Playstation 4 one? Let us know your thoughts below.