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Ti5 Winner Suma1L Dropped Out of School, “Just a Professional Gamer Now” (Update)

Update: After we reported Suma1L dropping out of school, EG manager Charlie Yang was flooded with questions from fans asking him whether it is true or not; and how this may affect Suma1L’s future. Yang has shared the following statement regarding Suma1L’s decision to quit high school.

Yes, Sumail has withdrawn from high school. This is the reason Phil and I were in Chicago the last 2 days. This is something that he’s spoken to his parents about and we’ve spoken to them about.
Rather than him missing chunks of public school in a curriculum that doesn’t interest him amongst peers that he can’t relate to, we decided that it would be better for him to be in an environment and system that caters to his unique schedule. He will be getting a GED. We do plan on having a private tutor for that.
It wasn’t asked by OP but since I get enough messages from people telling me how to do my job (not directed at you anon), I’ll address financials here.
We do have a financial advisor that we’ve made available to players. He works on taxes and how to spend their money.
Now please, unless you have more knowledge about the situation my organization or my players than I do, shut the fuck up.

Original Story: Suma1L, a member of Ti5 winning team EG, has dropped out of school. He is 16 and hasn’t even finished high school, however, does he need to?

The boy is an amazing Dota player and is a self-made millionaire, he played an integral role in EG’s win and has quickly become a notable force in eSports scene.

A report done on Suma1L before Ti5 revealed that he was attending high school in Chicago, so it looks like winning Ti5 made him drop-out:

Whatever he does is his own business but high school is basic education which he should get. But frankly, if I had millions, I would have dropped out and played Dota as well.

What is your take on this? Do you think a young boy should leave basic education behind like this? Let us know what you think in the comments.