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Play Company of Heroes 2 for Free This Weekend

Although Company of Heroes 2 has been out since 2013, if you are yet to try it, be sure to look to Steam this weekend. Offering free play, it’s a good chance to give it a try before the new DLC, The British Forces is released September 3.

With the new DLC on the way, which has 10% off if you pre-order it now, the free access to Company of Heroes 2 comes as no surprise. With 75% off the main game too, I’m sure that there is hope that the free access will be enough to get people buying the game.

For those interested in getting free, early access to the DLC too you may have the chance from August 31, to September 2 if you are lucky. This access will be given away on Twitter and Facebook, and some games sites, before the free access begins. So be sure to keep an eye out for those.

Company of Heroes is a World War 2, Real-time Strategy game which has seen a number of downloadable extensions to the gameplay since it has been released. Proving popular with fans of the genre, the fact that DLC is still being released shows the popularity it has achieved.

With the new The British Forces DLC new unique tech trees will be added to the game to challenge the player to balance the trade-off between mobility and defence in the game. Putting you under the command of Sir Winston Churchill the game celebrates the brave fight of the small island as it fought off the might of Hitler’s forces and features some of the historic battlefield locations.

Are you looking forward to trying the British Forces DLC? Will you be taking up the chance to play Company of Heroes 2 for free this weekend? Let us know your thoughts below.