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Mobile Game Monster Strike Brings in Impressive Profits

While some gamers tend to look down on mobile games, there is a very real reason why so many are released. Mixi have shown this in their latest financial report, Monster Strike is making them a very impressive profit.

Looking at the numbers, the game is pulling in US$37 million, and that is from sales between April 1 and June 30, which is very impressive. What this means is that Monster Strike made Mixi US$4.2 million per day, which shows the power of mobile gaming at this time.

Along with the profit revealed. details that the company also discussed include:

  • Close to 100% of these sales are from Japan, Mixi are in the process of giving up on the China market, where new user registration has already been stopped.
  • Mixi’s operating profit margin in the last quarter was 48.6%, which includes all business, not just the game.
  • Puzzle & Dragons, another game developed in Japan has been seeing profits that are similar to Monster Strike’s success.
  • Mixi spent US$21 million in advertising. This is said to be 1/5th of the ad money put into Clash of Clans.

Monster Strike is already available in the west for Android and iOS devices. With over 1,000 unique monsters to collect, they do battle by taking part in a pinball style combat game, which can be played solo or co-op.

With this level of success it is no wonder that more and more companies look at the mobile market as a way to build up revenue. With these figures that come out not only from Mixi, but many of the other companies, it looks like mobile gaming will always play a big part in the future of gaming.

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