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Madden NFL 16 Patch Details Revealed; Connected Franchise, Aggressive Catch Fixes Incoming

When Madden NFL 16 released recently it was not free from bugs, but thankfully, the creative director for EA Sports says that they are working on the patch and has even revealed the first details relating to it.

One thing that he confirmed was that the future updates to the roster are also going to bring adjustments to some Cornerback SPD in the Connected Franchise Mode.

Someone else insisted that in its current state some of the top Quarterbacks in Madden NFL 16 were “missing wide open short passes with a clean pocket” to which Dickson said that they were looking into it.

In another question issue was raised about the lack of head and arm movements and apparently, the developers will also “see what they can do” about it. However, he was more certain about some other issues for instance he confirmed that fixes for streaks and aggressive catch abusers were definitely incoming with the first patch of the game.

Moving on, you might have also noticed that there aren’t many injuries in the game, however, you will get a balancing fix on this with the upcoming patch.

Attribute boosts in CFM that took the players up to 120, for the dissatisfaction of others, will also get a fix as soon as possible, says Dickson.

There is a lot more information on the fixes that are coming to Madden NFL 16 in the first patch at Dickson’s official Twitter, but we are hoping for a full list of patch notes to be released soon.