Mad Max PS4 Version Gets You 12 Exclusive Hood Ornaments

Mad Max is going to be released to PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4; however, the PlayStation 4 fans of the game are going to get something of a special treatment for buying the game.

Sony and Avalanche Studios have released a new trailer for the game that focuses on the exclusive content they are offering which includes as many as 12 hood ornaments. These will be available until at least November 30, 2015.

Seven of the hood ornaments that are going to be exclusive to the PlayStation 4 version of Mad Max were listed by the developers although the other five are still unknown. Here are the ones we know about:

  • Longlooker
  • Wez Pads and Hawk
  • Humongous Mask
  • Feral Boomerang
  • Aviator Helm
  • The Furry Toadie
  • Bearclaw’s Mask

Check out the Mad Max trailer above and tell us does the exclusive content make it worth buying.