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Final Fantasy XIV Celebrates Second Anniversary with ‘The Rising’ Event

Final Fantasy XIV has been around for two years now, and Square Enix is celebrating its title’s second anniversary with a new game event.

This new event is called ‘The Rising’, and will allow players to make a single mission to level 15 which can unlock two pets: Iceheart and Yugiri. Players will be able to start the event by talking to Nonora, who is located in Ul’dah. Apparently, there’s a terrible insect infestation happening in Eorzea, and you need to deal with it to prevent it from spoiling the Moonfire Faire. The event is set to last from August 27 to September 7.

Final Fantasy XIV was updated with a fresh expansion recently in the form of Heavensward, which added tons of new content in the form of new classes, new races, flying mounts, and more. The other major event prior to The Rising was Moonfire Faire, which started on August 11 and will also last till September 7.

The Rising is an event that will last alongside the Moonfire Faire, and is lore-wise linked to it.