Destiny The Taken King Subclasses Discussed by Bungie

Bungie held a live stream today to detail some new features of Destiny The Taken King; during the livestream they not only unveiled but also flaunted in detail the new subclasses for Hunter, Warlock as well as Titan.

So first of, the Warlock subclass is called Stormcaller it comes with a new Storm Grenade that can unleash an AoE storm when thrown at the enemies. It also comes with the Stormtrance ability that allows the character to traverse faster.

Alongside storms, this one is good with lightning too. With the help of Landfall modifier it can fly above enemies and throw down bolts of lightning on them.

The Titan subclass is called Sunbreaker that packs a massive Sunbreaker hammer reminiscent of Thor The God of Thunder. It shoots fire at the enemy, and gives a gain overkill when used with Sunspot mechanic.

While Stormcaller focuses on storms, this one focuses on fires.

Lastly, the Hunter subclass has been titled Nightstalker which, interestingly, is a support role. You can trap enemies so that other members of the team can finish them off.

Also, it packs Shadowshot for arrows, a Spike grenade, a Smoke Bomb and more.

For those of you who want some more from Destiny The Taken King, here’s footage from the expansion’s first mission.