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Concept Art Straight From The Art of Fallout 4 Shared by Bethesda

THe Art of Fallout 4 is the artbook that Bethesda Game Studios has compiled for those of you who are utterly in love with what they do and everything there is to know about the Fallout universe. However, you need to buy that book separately so here’s an idea of what could be in store for you.

Bethesda has released a total of four concept art images that look like they have come straight out of the artbook to boast of the artistic elements that are present in the game.

While there are different things that will be featured in The Art of Fallout 4, including environments, characters, enemies, weapons, vehicles and much more, these image focus less on the environments.

In the gallery below you will be able to see three images that focus on the characters and how they are built including robotics and one that shows off a really well crafted bridge that must be somewhere in Boston (in-game) as the story is set there.

Another interesting fact shared by the developers was that the game assets created by developers for Fallout 4 were twice as many as the those made for Elder Scrolls V Skyrim!

This is not the first time they have compared the game with Skyrim and both the times it has been boasted that Fallout 4 has one up against Skyrim – do you agree with that?