Watch Gameplay from the First Mission of Destiny: The Taken King

With The Taken King coming to Destiny September 15 I’m sure fans of the game are eager to see some gameplay footage. Today we a video featuring the first mission, named The Coming War.

Having watched the video I can’t see too many spoilers, but always be aware that gameplay can reveal things that you may not want to see just yet. Cut scenes have been removed as they can’t be shown yet.

Yesterday we showed a video which featured the first footage of Ghost, as voiced by Nolan North and in this video we see even more. We also see that Ghost makes an appearance more as he now scans objects to provide you with extra details. He also makes mention of a Dreadnought, which I’m sure will be of interest to Destiny fans.

One criticism that has been thrown at Destiny many times is its weak storytelling. Looking at this video, this may be something fixed with The Taken King. The mission feels like it is part of a forming story, and as the name suggest, “The Coming War” is erupting all around you as you first answer a distress signal, then make a swift exit, battling your way back to your ship.

Other than giving a good taste of how The Taken King starts, we don’t get to see much more. It’s obvious that the best is being saved for when the game is released and gamers can experience it for themselves. What is on show though will obviously make the wait until September 15 even harder, unless that time is taken up with some of the other major releases that are out at the moment and in the coming weeks.

Are you looking forward to The Taken King? What did you think of the gameplay on show here? Let us know your thoughts below.