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Possible Workaround For Until Dawn “128 Days Until Available” Bug

Until Dawn is out in the wild and as with most games, it comes with its fair share of issues. The most notable one, however, is a bug which stops users from accessing the game.

Players are met with a message saying that the game will be available in “128 days,” wierd right? Anyways, We have a workaround for you that’ll help get this bug under control and give you access to the game.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Navigate to the item on the PlayStation Store
  2. Purchase the free version of Until Dawn (or if you have that already, another free game/item such as Singstar)
  3. Download the file to your system (if the file is already downloaded and installed, please skip this step and move to step 4)
  4. Use the Restore Licenses option by navigating to Settings >> PlayStation(tm)Network/Account Management >> Restore Licenses
    Attempt to boot the game. If the game still does not boot at this point, delete the file, re-download and repeat step 4.

Try it out and let us know if it helped. Until Dawn is now available on PlayStation 4 exclusively. You can pick up the game on PSN or from your nearest retailer.