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Next Pokemon Game will Have “Flowers,” Teases Marketing Director

Okay so trust me when I say this, no one is sure what is meant by this tease but yes someone at The Pokemon Company International insists that the next Pokemon game is going to involve “flowers.”

That is really cryptic, but I guess it was deserved because the Director of Consumer Marketing of the publishers, J.C. Smith was asked for it.

Recently he was in Boston, Massachusetts for the 2015 Pok√©mon World Championships where he was interviewed. Around the end of the interview he was asked to “just throw a cryptic word out there” regarding the next Pokemon game, something that would make people scratch their heads thinking.

So unsurprisingly, that is exaclty what he did. After thinking for a while Smith gave them one word, “flowers.”

Now let your imaginations loose and think what on earth could that mean because so far we have actually been scratching our heads wondering what the connection was.

Could it be related to Floette from Pokemon X and Y? The flower based Pokemon that has a Eternal Flower Floette special form? Or could it have a broader meaning for the future of the series?

It is also expected that the next Pokemon game is going to come out next year and we are still at least a few months away from getting to know more about it.