New Mod Brings Mass Effect Reaper Ship to Grand Theft Auto 5

Once games are opened up for modding, some truly impresses changes are made. One such mod has been released for Grand Theft Auto 5, bringing some Mass Effect to the popular open world game.

When driving around Los Santos you often see the blimp in the sky, you even have the chance to control it. It seems that the blimp has undergone a surprising upgrade by modder JJxOracle, by replacing it with the Reaper ship from Mass Effect.

As you can see from the pictures and video showing off the ship, it looks impressive in the game. While the Reaper itself doesn’t seem to do much right now, the scale of it still makes it one of the more impressive mods that have been added to the game. Maybe further development will add more functionality to it in the future.

In truth what we are seeing is the blimp retextured. Looking at the video, you can see that there are a few bugs with the mod which may be fixed, if the modder chooses to put the work in.

It comes as no surprise though that a vehicle that size causes some issues as the game isn’t exactly designed to have a huge alien ship appear in the sky. The fact that the engine can handle it as well as it does shows the versatility that has been built into it.

With the mods coming out for Grand Theft Auto 5 becoming more and more impressive, it’ll be interesting to see what the gaming community come up with next. Modding is becoming more and more popular for gamers, allowing them to show off their inventiveness, and skills in both design and programming.

What are your thoughts on the Reaper mod and modding Grand Theft Auto 5 in general? Let us know below.