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Minecraft: Story Mode to be Released on Wii U

With Telltale Games making a move to the Wii U it comes as no surprise that Minecraft: Story Mode will be making its way to the console. A beta version of the game will also be on show at PAX.

The release on Wii U was confirmed by Job Stauffer, director of creative communications at Telltale in an interview with The Verge. This means the game will be available not only on Nintendo’s console but also Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 4, Playstation 3, PC, and iOS and Android devices.

In the interview, Stauffer discusses the game and reveals some interesting details. Minecraft: Story Mode will see you play Jesse, voiced by Patton Oswalt. In the game he and his friends idolise the Order of the Stone. This group is famous for defeating the Ender Dragon, the end of game boss for Minecraft. When some kind of catastrophe hits the Minecraft universe, Jesse and his friend have to find the Order in order to gain their help in stopping whatever the catastrophe may be.

To get a feeling of the tone of the game, Telltale say that the game will have the feel of movies such as The Goonies and Ghostbusters. Cory Feldman who starred in The Goonies will also be a part of the voice cast.

“There was something magical about that generation of film before the PG-13 rating became commonplace that bred an incredible body of inspiration for us,” says Stauffer.

As with other Telltale Games, the choices you will make will have an impact on the game. With the audience likely to be younger though, don’t expect the type of things you see in The Walking Dead, Tales of the Borderlands or Game of Thrones.

“While the presentation of a choice may not be as M-rated as you’d find in Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead, the element of empathy and the pressures of guilt will still be present.”

There is no release date for Minecraft: Story Mode yet, but we do know it is being released by the end of the year.

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