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Madden NFL 16 MUT Best Items For All Playstyles

In Madden NFL 16 Ultimate Team, whether you are looking to build up an aggressive offensive line-up or an impenetrable defensive line-up, the players provided below will definitely help you out.

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Madden NFL 16 MUT Best Items

From Quarterbacks to Safety, we have compiled a list of players we think can be considered as some of the best and will make great addition to your team.

Best Quarterback Items

Andrew Luck
Among the players with the best accuracy, Luck was bound to be added to the list. With the exception of Russel Wilson, there is hardly any elite QB who can match Luck. Do note forget to use Luck’s speed as a threat in the red zone.

Drew Brees
This guy indeed lacks when it comes to throwing power, but he fills that hole with his amazing accuracy. I would even say that Brees is capable to throw into tight windows in the intermediate areas of the field.

You simply need to judge which throws Brees can and cannot make and he will become a valuable asset for your team.

Aaron Rodgers
Rodger remains, without a doubt, one of the best all-around passers in the game. Have Rodgers and you can go with any type of offense and make any type of throws. One of the best things about Rodgers is that he makes all the new QB mechanics look like a piece of cake.

Best Halfback Items

Adrian Peterson
Peterson is, without any doubt, is one of the most versatile HBs in the game. Rely on his sheer power and elusive moves and you will leave the tacklers all confused up. You just need to ensure that you do not receive any unnecessary hits and cover the ball at all times.

Demarco Murray
A perfect blend of power and speed is what defines Murray. This dude is not only capable of knocking over tacklers, but can also breeze through them. Stick to Murray and you will have a valuable asset in your team’s offense.

Marshawn Lynch
Being one of the best of trucking in the game, Lynch can easily outperform Alfred Morris, LeGarrette Blount, and Eddie Lacy. You should definitely consider him with every attempt at the goal line.

Best Wide Receiver Items

Julio Jones
This man is capable of defeating about any DB one-on-one with his sheer mix of speed and size. If you consider going with him, make sure to pair him with QB Tom Brady and you will make all the catches look like child’s play.

Odell Beckham Jr.
The last season proved that Beckham Jr. is bound to be in the top 3 wide receivers. If you are the one for ‘Spectacular Catches’, this is the man you are seeking.

Calvin Johnson
Having one of the biggest bodies in all of the Ultimate Team, Johnson is capable of some aggressive catches downfield.

Best Tight End Items

Greg Olsen
In case you are unable to get your hands on Rob Gronkowski, Olsen is the second best option. His size even allows him to make up for the bad throws from the QB away from the defense.

Jimmy Graham
Graham can be considered as one of the best receiving options in the game. You can place him anywhere in a formation and he will emerge victorious in against any type of defender.

Rob Gronkowski
Despite his incredible size, Gronkowski can easily make crisp runs and is also great when it comes to run blocking. You can rely over him to attach the seam and pull some aggressive catches down over defenders.

All in all Gronk is easily the best TE in the Madden Ultimate Team.

Best Defensive Linemen Items

Gerald McCoy
This typical 4-3 defensive tackle has more than enough strength to stop the run and get after the passer. This is not all! McCoy is also able to play in the 3-4 defense. Being one of the best defenders in MUT, McCoy can rush at the QB from the interior of the line.

Cameron Wake
Wake is absolutely amazing for 4-3 teams who wish chase the passer during all the time. He is capable of sliding inside and get pressure on passing downs. Furthermore, he can drop into coverage and take away an offense’s first read.

J. J. Watt
With the ability to play at any position on the defense line, Watt can easily be considered as one of the best defensive item in Madden Ultimate Team. He possesses the ability to get pressure from the inside or the outside and can dominate almost any position you place him on.

In addition to this, he can easily stop runs and score off turnovers.

Best Linebacker Items

Bobby Wagner
Being one of the fastest LBs in the game, Wagner can easily force turnovers.

You can expect him to make some big plays in a 4-3 defense by slowing down routes to the TE. A sheer mix of speed and hit power make him one of ideal choices when it comes to top LBs in the game.

Luke Kuechly
Having near perfect zone coverage, Kuechly can easily be regarded as one of the smartest defenders in Madden Ultimate Team. You can rely on his play recognition skill and leave him in a hook zone over the middle.

You can expect him to lock down almost anything coming near him.

Justin Houston
Houston can work equally well from the 3-4 defense and 4-3 defense to get pressure. It does not matter what defense you are playing, you simply need to unleash him on the quarterback and watch him make some big plays.

Best Cornerback Items in MUT

Vontae Davis
Despite his comparatively smaller size, Davis possesses the ability to pres receivers at the line which allows him to outperform bigger players.

With Davis, you cannot only expect to jam receivers, but utilize his Man Coverage to knock the passes out of receivers’ hands all the time throughout the game.

Richard Sherman
There is hardly any doubt that Sherman can easily stop enormous WRs from catching the balls downfield. Have Sherman and you will fix the problems of big WRs going for aggressive catches. This is not all though!

Sherman is also capable of turning the defense into offense with a couple of interceptions.

Darrelle Revis
Being one of the most balanced players in the MUT, you can expect Revis to play almost any type of coverage for your defensive line-up. The man is capable of sticking with about any WR in the game throughout the match.

Utilize his skills to slow down the receivers and throw in some man coverage to fully use his potential.

Best Safety Items in MUT

Reshad Jones
A perfect combination of hit power and pursuit is what makes Jones a sure tackler in the game and this is the exact reason as to why he has made it our list. I highly recommend moving around before the snap to make most of his all-around abilities in the game.

Harrison Smith
Thanks to his great size and Man Coverage, Smith can be considered as one of the best safety items for Cover 2 man defenses. Despite being still young, Smith has made a lot of name for himself recently and is perfect if you are looking for a decent secondary.

Earl Thomas III
This man is absolutely perfect for those people who like to play a Cover 3 or are interested in stopping the run. He has both ability and speed to which is rarely found in any other safety in the game.

In addition to this, his ability to break up and intercept passes could not get any better.

Do not forget to share your best items in Madden NFL 16 with us in the comments section below!