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EVE Online Galatea V1.0 Patch Notes Revealed; All Changes Listed

The multi-million community of EVE Online got their latest update in the form of Galatea V1.0 that went live a while ago, further improving on the Mosaic, Carnyx and Aegis patches. CCP Games have worked hard on this one and the patch notes revealed by them are enough evidence for that.

A number of new features and changes have been introduced into the MMO for instance new Designer SKINs have been introduced, Dominix has been redesigned, Galatea theme song has been added alongside AT XIII prize ships Fiend and Imp.

More importantly “the Drifter armada has arrived and the time has come to step up and join the Navy Fleet in their battle to defend the Throne Worlds from this hostile attack” and all EVE Online players are expected to join in the missions.

While the full patch notes can be seen here, these are some of the highlights from the Galatea V1.0 update:

  • The EVE team remains committed to evolving the Sovereignty system introduced in the Aegis release. Changes include reducing the base capture time of Command nodes, giving defenders 60% control at the beginning of a capture event, reducing the cap on total nodes and the spawn rate of new ones, and replacing the Entosis Link mass penalty with a 4000 m/s speed limit when fitted.
  • Updated animations and effects for many combat and support modules, including the devastating Doomsday weapons
  • The first Designer SKINs have come to New Eden with the blood red “Raata Sunset” line for Caldari ships. More bold new styles will be coming in the following weeks and months.
  • A more satisfying killshot: the camera will now linger over the ship you just reduced to scrap so you can enjoy your victory just that much more.
  • The iconic workhorse of the Gallente Federation, the Dominix, went back to the shipyards for a redesign which evolves its original utilitarian design into a truly inspiring battleship.

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