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Black Ops 3 Xbox One Beta Codes Are “Invalid”? Here’s a Fix

Black Ops 3 beta is now available on Xbox One but users are reporting issues. According to reports, players aren’t able to redeem their codes for Black Ops 3 beta on Xbox One, and are getting a message saying their codes are invalid.

It surely is a back-end issue and Treyarch is looking into it, but we don’t yet know how long will it take before things are ironed out.

Treyarch said:

We’re tracking an issue regarding #BO3Beta codes. We are currently investigating and will let you know more when we can…stand by.

We’ll let you know of any new development on the story.

If you don’t wish to wait around for an official fix, a YouTube user has shared a new video featuring a workaround for the problem.

The fix asks you to change the region to Brazil on Afterwards, visit the link here to redeem your codes. Be sure to change the region back to your own country after you’re done.