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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst: Faith’s Body is a Projectile Offering Dynamic Traversal

There is a lot of stuff that makes the Mirror’s Edge series great, but above all it is the protagonist and her skills. In Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, Faith is going to be much more than just a trained fighter who doesn’t use guns.

When playing a game where you go close quarters or hand to hand combat, it is quite different from the way you will experience it in Catalyst. This is because the developers have made Faith that way, she is well versed in traversal skills, and her body itself works impressively.

DICE goes on to say that “her body is a projectile” in the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst..

For instance, when she comes into the combat with a flow, in one singular motion she can wall-run and then boost herself off of the ground to land a massive kick turning the whole combination of actions into a projectile where her body is the key.

That, my friends is the reason why she doesn’t need guns.

However, in order to reap greater benefit from her dynamic traversal you will have to upgrade her skills and movements sets as you progress through the game, For instance the glove she wears will let you use a mag rope.

Then there is the Runner Vision which can help you when you are in a tricky situation or get stuck somewhere although the final choice of route is always going to be yours in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.