Hear Nolan North’s Version of Ghost in New Teaser for The Taken King

Fans of Destiny be prepared, a new live stream will be coming to Twitch to reveal more about The Taken King. This has been revealed in a new teaser trailer which also featured a little something special itself.

With the replacement of Peter Dinklage with Nolan North, fans have been looking forward to seeing exactly how Ghost would sound with the Taken King updates. Today we’ve had a glimpse at this, in the first clip featuring Nolan North’s vocals. Though they don’t reveal much, I’m sure that fans won’t be let down by North’s performance.

In the new Twitch reveal which takes place August 26, 11pm PST Bungie are promising on a new Strike inside the Dreadnaught. “Shield Brothers” will see a fireteam of Guardians facing a Cabal strike team. This battle will be fought to prevent them from detonating a bomb in the Dreadnaught’s core.

With Nolan North featuring in the trailer this teases that the footage that we are going to see will now feature gameplay with his version of Ghost being a part of it. I’m sure there will be some fans out there who will miss Dinklage’s work though.

Another announcement made today is that Xur will be revealing some new Exotics for The Taken King. Be sure to keep an eye on the Destiny Instagram for those.

The Taken King comes out September 15 and will see major changes to Destiny. There is a huge list of updates coming to the game. I’m sure that the days leading up to the release of the add-on will also feature some huge reveals, with September 15 looking to be the biggest day of the year for Destiny fans.

Are you looking forward to The Taken King? What are your thoughts on Nolan North’s take on Ghost? Let us know below.