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Final Fantasy VII Remake Dev Talks About Combat System Currently in ‘Trial & Error’ Phase

The long debate of whether or not the remake of Final Fantasy VII should readapt the same turn-based battle system continues, and it seems even the developers at the moment aren’t entirely sure of which path they’re going to take.

In an interview with renowned Japanese magazine Famitsu, producer Yoshinori Kitase shared some information of the game, with special emphasis on combat system.

“We’re beginning to see its visual direction. On the other hand, we’re going through trial and error as far as its battle system goes. Since there’s a possibility that the command battle system of the old days might not work today, we’re thinking hard about what kind of direction we can take it.”

Trial and error is a rather worrisome phrase for a game with such a high demand, but the developing team isn’t exactly in a rush either, since there is no absolute release window for the game yet, despite its announcement at the E3 2015 conference during Sony’s PlayStation show.

The possibility of sacrificing the retro turn-based combat for a newer system has caused quite a bit of controversy, with fans’ opinions divided on bringing an entirely new combat system.

The fiercely loyal fan-base of the game obviously wouldn’t enjoy a deviation from the much-loved system, but Square Enix seems to be confident that bringing a more modernized combat system is the right direction to go.

Regardless, the company has a challenging task at hand to successfully recreate one of the greatest RPG games in history.

Source: Gematsu