Battlefield 4 Getting Two New Arrows for the Phantom Bow

It is always interesting to see what updates are coming to games, and it looks like Battlefield 4 are getting some new archery enhancements for the Phantom Bow. With two new varieties still in testing, what we’ve been able to see looks interesting.

Watching this new video from Westie he demonstrates and talks about two new arrow types that are coming to Battlefield 4. These are available on the community testing, and on the new Jungle map. The two arrow types are incendiary and poison.

The first arrow he looks at is the incendiary arrow which looks like a lot of fun. Although the textures are not in place for it yet, and the orange arrow does look slightly strange, the damage it does is the real eye catcher. Setting on fire through the air, then exploding on impact it looks to do impressive damage. The fact that it is only available in the test environment right now though does hint that balancing may still be done to it.

The poison arrow looks to be even more of a work in progress. Doing damage on impact in the surrounding area of its impact, there is potential with this arrow to definitely have some interesting impact on battles. With it being hard to define just how the arrow works right now though, it is hard to say just how good it will be.

The video is worth watching in full as Westie makes interesting comments on updates coming to the game, for Battlefield 4 fans this is all information that I’m sure they’ll be interested in seeing. Whether the final versions of the arrows look as impressive, we’ll just have to wait and see.

What are your thoughts on the two new arrow types? Let us know your thoughts below.