A New Glitch in The Witcher 3 Offers Even More of a Challenge

When The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt finally got New Game + people were looking forward to a new challenge. If this challenge hasn’t met expectations though, there is also a glitch in the game which may just fix that for people wanting to battle higher level creatures.

In a video by YouTube user MadMonkey Gameplay they give you the instructions of how to make the monster you are battling against glitch to the higher level. To do this first you must have a Sign that has an intensity of over 330%+ in combat. Then when facing an enemy you must then attack it with a Sign, run away, and then return to the enemy again.

If this has been done right you’ll now find that the enemy has a level which puts it above Geralt’s and much more of a challenge. The fact that the red skull appears to warn that they are too high a level to face may be a warning that they have become too strong. I’m guessing those who try out this glitch are looking for a challenge though, and now they’ll have it.

Now that this has been found it’ll be interesting to see if CD Projekt Red will fix it, as it is obviously a bug. If fans like it, maybe it could be left in? We’ll have to see if this is possible, as whatever is causing the monsters to raise in level is an error and may make the game unstable. This may be why we end up seeing it fixed in a future patch.

Have you tried out the instructions shown in the video? Did it work? Let us know your thoughts below.