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Why We’ve Not Really Seen Much of Fallout 4 Yet

In the interview with Pete Hines for UK Newspaper Metro with Bethesda’s Pete Hines he not only talked about comparisons with Fallout 4 and Fallout 3 but also the marketing of the game. He made some interesting comment on how the company are handling the campaign.

On why Bethesda haven’t really revealed that much in forms of video content and trailers, he said:

“Everything that you do is a burden on the dev team. Every video that you do, every demo that you do is taking some amount of time from the team to say, ‘We need to capture this, we need to put this together, what are we gonna show? Oh wait, that’s not working in this build ’cause we just entered this stuff in…’ So it’s a burden on them to be able to deliver some demo for some show, when their real goal is, ‘I gotta have a game in everybody’s hands on November 10’. And so by shortening it you’re reducing the number of beats you need to maintain momentum.”

On the big reveal at E3:

“Part of the desire to do something really big at E3, that everyone could see, was, ‘Well, I do want everybody to be able to see it and to do it all at once so I don’t have to worry about running him into the ground doing 10 demos to 70 people in a theatre over and over again in our booth, like we have in years past’. So the press have got to see it but there’s lots of people that haven’t. So doing it in this way allowed everybody to hear for themselves and see for themselves.”

These are interesting comments, but I also find them refreshing. While we do want to see everything that is on offer from the game, to save the best until we can all get our hands on it is obviously better. Many marketing campaigns often spoil something like Fallout 4 by revealing too much. Maybe if we can be patient until November, we can finally see it for ourselves.

What are your thoughts on Fallout 4’s marketing campaign so far? Would you rather see more? Let us know your thoughts below.