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Quantum Dream Collection Appears of Amazon France

With Sony announcing that Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls are coming to the Playstation 4, one piece of information that was missing was when these releases would be. Today a new pre-order appeared that may give a clue that it isn’t too far away.

Amazon France today listed the Quantum Dream Collection for pre-order with a release date of January 31, 2016. While we’ll have to wait for that release date to officially be confirmed it does seem like a believable date. With Quantum Dreams also being at Paris Games Week, will that be the perfect time to confirm this date?

With the Quantum Dreams Collection we’ll be getting Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls remastered up to Playstation 4 quality. It’ll be interesting to see how the games can be improved, as they already look good on the Playstation 3 anyway. Saying this, we can look to The Last of Us to see just how good remasters can be.

It will be interesting to see what the fan reaction will be to the games coming to Playstation 4, especially with two games that don’t really hold much of a replay value. Once they’ve been completed a few times and all possible endings reached they are memorable enough for people not to want to return to.

With this issue, this may be why the game is 49 Euros, while most Playstation 4 games are released at 59.99 euros. This release may be aimed at people who may have missed the games when they originally came out. An example of this could be the people who moved from Xbox 360, to Playstation 4 when they moved to the current generation of console.

Will you be revisiting the Quantum Dream Collection? Or will this be your first chance to play the games? Let us know your thoughts below.