New NBA 2K16 Trailer Focuses on Winning

September is a huge month for games, but NBA fans will still be looking to the end of the month. September 29 sees the release of NBA 2K16, and with all focus being on games coming in the next two week, a new trailer has been revealed to remind people just what is coming.

In the new trailer, titled #winning we see just how detailed the game is becoming. Not only are the competitor’s movements realistic but the body language and reactions to other players have a new level of realism. If a player has a recognisable tics, expect to see them in the game.

With nice little additions such as mouthguard movement and player reactions it all adds up to the players seeming more realistic. There are also humorous moments such as photo bombing, but I’m not sure if we as the player will have any control over that.

The trailer also features recognisable players such as Stephen Curry, James Harden and Anthony Davis, and as we know Spike Lee has written and directed the story mode for the game. I’m not sure if Lee has had an influence on the trailer but chances are he had some input. There are hints of the story mode in there, especially at the end. What we can be sure of is the fact that it all looks very impressive.

If the same level of detail as we see in the trailer is continued into the game then the immersion is going to be high. What this promises in the end is an example of just how good these games are getting.

Of course, we can only guess what the final product will be like. We need to see the same impressive graphics and animations in real gameplay. For that we’ll have to wait a little longer.

Are you impressed by what you see in the new trailer? Let us know your thoughts below.