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Looks Like a Demo Version of Dying Light May be Coming

With Dying Light having a major new expansion coming soon, now would be the time for the publishers to try get more people invested in the game. This is why a demo may be coming this week for PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4.

Dealspwn are reporting that the PR team in charge of Dying Light have given them confirmation that a demo version of Dying Light will be coming to the current consoles and the PC. If true, this is perfect timing, as it will get more people invested in the game, especially with the release of The Following coming soon.

The Following is an expansion comping to the Techland developed game adding new content including an all-terrain dirt buggy that the player will have the chance to ride, and use as a weapon against the zombies. The add-on also includes a new map to explore as well as a new storyline featuring Kyle Crane, and rumours of a mysterious cult.

If the demo is coming, it will be arriving to the three gaming platforms this week, so hopefully we’ll see it appear soon. If it is true that a demo is on the way this is the perfect chance to catch people’s interest, especially with the introduction of the dirt buggy, which people have been waiting quite a while for. Though it won’t be in the demo, at least this is a good chance for players to at least become invested in Dying Light itself.

If a demo is available, will you be giving it a try? Let us know your thoughts below.