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Grow Home wins Vote to Play to Become September’s Free Game

As we reported, Playstation players have been able to “Vote to Play” deciding which game will come to Playstation Plus next. The votes are in and it looks like Grow Home is the winner, and will come to Playstation Plus in September.

The news that Grow Home has won was confirmed by the Playstation Plus European Community Manager Frannifer:

This means Grow Home will be free to play for Playstation Plus subscribers, Zombie Vikings and Armello will both be discounted during the same month even though they lost the vote. For those interested Gone Home won win a 44 percent share of the total votes.

In Grow Home you play as BUD (Botanical. Ultility. Droid) on a mission to find the Star Plant and save his planet. Focused on exploration the idea of the game is for BUD to visit floating islands, caves and waterfalls reaching up high into the sky until you finally discover the Star Plant. The higher you reach into the sky, the greater the distance you have to fall…so be careful.

Now that this vote has been concluded, it will be interesting to see what games will be coming in the next vote. Hopefully there will be some good games coming in the future that are up to the quality of Grow Home. We’ll have to wait and see what choices we’ll get.

Are you happy that Grow Home was the winner? Will you be playing it when it comes to Playstation Plus? Let us know your thoughts below.