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Gears of War Ultimate Edition Review Roundup; Job Well Done!

Gears of War Ultimate Edition might not be a new entry into the franchise but it does bring us something almost everyone has loved for a long, long time. It brings you the nostalgia and for what its worth, that has proven to be the cornerstone of the game’s positive reviews.

That being said, while it does not meet the review scores of Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain – those also started coming out recently – Gears of War Ultimate Edition has managed to secure a very green spot for itself as our review roundup below will show.

From praises for the amount of content to being lauded as a blast from the past, and from being more good looking than ever to being very close to the best remaster ever, this one has a room full of excited comments.

VandalOnline – 9/10
Meristation – 8.8/10 – 8.5/10 – 8/10
MetroGameCentral – 8/10
LevelUp – 9/10
IGN Spain – 8.6/10
IGN Italy – 8.4/10
HobbyConsolas – 9/10
CGMagazine – 9/10
LazyGamer – 8/10
Polygon – 8/10
GameSpot – 7/10
Destructoid – 9/10
Videogamer – 9/10
USGamer – 9/10
HardcoreGamer – 8/10

Gears of War Ultimate Edition is exclusive to Xbox One and releases, finally, tomorrow. Now I know that the longstanding series fans who have upgraded to Microsoft’s latest console are not going to worry about what review it gets, but if some of you were unsure about it before, the list above should have helped.