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Nintendo Going All Digital With Its Next Gaming System? Sure Looks Like It

Nintendo filed a patent for a “Stationary Game Apparatus, Game Apparatus, Game System, Recording Medium and Speed Control Method,” in America back in February that has just come to light.

As we know, Nintendo’s next console is tentatively named, NX, and it’s expected to be revealed in 2016; so it is safe to assume that this patent is for the NX.

Surprisingly, it looks like Nintendo is going all digital, and removing physical medium for the process. The patent revealed that this console will not feature an optical disk drive.

It also states that players will be using “high-speed communication such as ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) or optical communication,” as means to deliver games data on the system. Servers will distribute games data to “Game Apparatus.”

We’ll also be seeing a card slot, most likely for SD cards.

Nintendo NX (1)

Nintendo NX

Going all digital is a bold move from Nintendo but it would be hard to sell users the idea. Not everyone has a decent internet connection and games these days are pretty large in size.

Also, if such a console is being worked on by Nintendo, I would expect their digital games to be cheaper in comparison to physical copies.

Call me old fashioned by I still prefer my games on disks, there is just something amazing about taking the wrapping-off and checking out those booklets, reading from the back of the case etc; it is all part of the experience.