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League of Legends Dev Clarifies Season Rewards Statement, it Was a “Huge Blunder”

We reported to you on Season Reward rules for League of Legends 2015 Season that Jeffrey Lin aka Lyte had shared through – and received tons of criticism for it – however, it turns out the rules he shared are not accurate, and he agrees he made a huge blunder.

Kudos people!

So here goes, Lyte explains that “I made a huge blunder earlier, then was on a flight so didn’t have a chance to correct the post earlier,” before providing the accurate rules regarding players who get banned or restricted during the season.

Since the League of Legends developers always appreciate reform, there is room for those who get better:

Players that got a Chat or Ranked Restriction during the season, but manage to reform and DO NOT HAVE active Chat or Ranked Restrictions by the season end cutoff will still get their Ranked Rewards.

Of course that is not the case for those who have active Chat or Ranked Restrictions when the season ends. Next, people with only a few low priority queues are safe as well:

Players that have received a few Low Priority Queues will still be eligible for Ranked Rewards because we do not want to punish players who may have gotten a few queues due to ISP or hardware issues.

The last one is about really toxic and behaviorally egregious players who are involved in racism, sexism, homophobia and other kinds of hate speech:

Players that have received escalated bans (so 7-day or 14-day bans) for excessive toxicity at any point during the 2015 Season will not receive Ranked Rewards.

However, the League of Legends developers are even going to give these players a chance in the future Seasons if they reform.

So, is that good enough for you?