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Attack On Titan Gameplay Details Including 3D Maneuverability, Body Destruction

We know that the upcoming Attack on Titan game is going to cover the entire story of the 2013 anime; however, we also know a lot more about the gameplay now, thanks to Koei Tecmo.

So first off, the game is going to include fully functional 3D maneuverability features with the 3D Maneuver Gear allowing you to fly up to the titans and around them for attack or to get to your companions quickly.

Next up, body part destruction on part of the titans is going to play a major role in the gameplay. While hitting them on the nape is cardinal for a win, you will first have to get rid of their limbs one by one by destroying them so that attacking the nape is easier.

Not just body part destruction, the game brings wall and roof destruction in the city too; even more importantly, this could affect the actions that certain players can take. Simply put, nothing will stay constant in the battle.

Attack on Titan focuses on tactical hunting action mixed up with giant enemies that you face. The choices you make – go slow and cautious, or go all in with a bang to surprise the boss – are going to have a direct impact on the way that specific battle heads.

Oh and to make things a bit more interesting, the voice actors in the game are the same that were in the anime.

Apart from this, you can check out the first screenshots of Attack on Titan here – they were released only a couple of days ago.