Treyarch Re-confirm Black Ops 3 Prestige and Level Count, Promise “Something Special” to Come

Since the beta for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 started there have been plenty of ways to experience the gameplay. Through either having access to the beta on Playstation 4, or watching streams, we’ve been given a good taste of what to expect.

One thing that one player wanted to have confirmed was what the maximum level for each player would be in the game. David Vonderhaar has re-confirmed this on Twitter:

So in short, there will be 10 prestiges which each have 55 levels for the player to grind through. Interestingly though there was a mention of something special not yet announced. I’m sure fans will be eager to hear what this will be, which is obviously part of the prestige system.

With the beta allowing the players to experience so many hours of gameplay holding back secrets is a good tactic to have to keep the fans invested. From watching a few streams of gameplay though players seem to already be hooked on the game and are looking forward to getting their hands on it when it is finally released.

While Playstation 4 has exclusive access right now, Xbox One and PC owners will get access August 26. I’m sure if they’ve watched any of the numerous streams showing footage they’ll be eager to get access and try the game out themselves.

What do you think the “something special” will be? Let us know your thoughts below.