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Rise of the Tomb Raider Focuses on Lara’s Continued Growth as a Character

French website melty have exclusively talked to Rich Briggs, the Crystal Dynamics Brand Director. Speaking to him about Rise of The Tomb Raider, he revealed some interesting details about not only the game, but also Lara herself.

It should be noted that the quotes below are translated from French, so forgive some strange wording.

On starting work on Rise of the Tomb Raider:

“We started with Lara, and we concentrated on how we were going to tell the next chapter of his journey. It was more complicated because in the first Tomb Raider, Lara began to be proactive. After that, we wanted to move towards the more survival-action, as we have done with this side “woman vs. Wild”, where Lara has to survive face a very hostile environment.”

On the growth of Lara as more of a bad-ass in this game:

“Lara remains down to earth, but she has confidence in herself and her skills. She decided to put themselves in danger and travel in these very dangerous places to do just what she thinks. Lara accept his destiny is to become the Tomb Raider.”

On the creation of Lara as a character that still feels fresh:

“Rise of The Tomb Raider, and our challenge to get something that sounds familiar, new, and fun for our fans. We believe that we have succeeded and we look forward as players get their hands on the game.”

What the above quotes show is that the focus is still on the growth of Lara as a character, but one that is more recognisable to the Lara we saw in the old games. While we’ve seen her origin story, now it’s time for her to enter the Tombs and be the iconic hero that we’ve known for all these years.

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